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Save Money & Time with Home Support Cover

If you requires expert IT Support that is experienced, reliable and responds quickly to assist with your computer, tablet or smartphone issues, take a look at our Home Support Cover

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We Make It Easy To Get Help

Email, Phone & SMS Support
Easy to get assistance and report an issue by Email, Phone or SMS, whichever is convenient for you
Fast Response Time
All issues are dealt with promptly, with the average response time been minutes and majority of issues resolved within an hour
Save Money
Discounted labour included with Business Support Cover which can save your business thousands of dollars yearly
Pensioner & Student Discount
You get an extra 15% off support cover if you are a pensioner or student
Security Checks & Updates
Keep your devices working smoothly with regular checks and updates to your security
Support Tickets
Support Tickets helps keep track all your IT problems and make sure they get resolved
Home Support Cover Prices

Choose the Support Cover that works for you

For home users, we have two support cover options available


$60/ 3 months

Plus $20 Initial Sign Up Fee

1/2 Hour Support Time (Monthly)
1/4 Hour Bonus Time (First Month)
Unlimited Email Support
SMS Support
Phone Support
Real-Time Service Software*
Remote Support Software
Support Tickets


$120/ 3 months

Plus $20 Initial Sign Up Fee

1 Hour Support Time (Monthly)
1/2 Hour Bonus Time (First Month)
Unlimited Email Support
SMS Support
Phone Support
Real-Time Service Software*
Remote Support Software
Support Tickets
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Real-Time Service Software

Want to know more about how we service your computer?

Frequently asked questions

Here are the most common questions we get asked about our support cover

Having worked in the IT industry now for many years, we have seen some significant changes in the way clients require assistance and also how quickly they want issues resolved.

The most significant change we have seen in the IT industry, is the migration from mostly onsite repairs with occasional email or phone assistance to now the opposite. It is rare for us to go onsite anymore to clients to repair or supply hardware, which at one time was the majority of our work.

Nearly all of our work now is done instantly via email, phone or remote support.

So as you can appreciate, with at least a third of our time spent answering technical questions via email and phones, we have to charge accordingly for our time.

With most client’s issues now been resolved almost instantly, it seems a lot fairer way to have monthly support cover with labour included, rather than charging a standard charge per incident which can get costly for clients.

If you do not have support cover, yes, we can still assist you with phone or remote assistance, but support cover is required for unlimited Email, Live Chat & SMS Support.

Do take the time to take a look at our labour rates, as there are additional charges for clients without support cover.

Labour Rates

We use Teamviewer Remote Monitoring and Management system which does the following:

Remote Monitoring - Checks critical components and sends us alert if there is an issue
Asset Management - Gives us detailed information about the components in your device
Patch Management - Detects vulnerabilities due to outdated software and Windows updates
Software Deploy - Lets us remotely install applications for you
Find Out More About How We Service Your Computer

The included monthly support time can be used for phone and remote support, plus any work we do here on your devices as well.

Support time cannot be used for onsite work plus any design or website related work.

On the last working day of each month, you will receive a Support Statement Invoice for any additional time.

You will only be charged for extra support time that is 15 minutes or more over your included support time.

When you initially sign up for Support Cover, you will get an extra 50% bonus support time for the initial first month only.

For example, if you sign up for the Home Premium Support Cover that includes 1 Hour Support Time per month, then, for the first month only, you receive a bonus 1/2 Hour giving you 1 1/2 Hours support time included.

No, support time cannot be used for any out of hours work, you would be charged at out of hours hourly rate

Please check our Business Hours

Unfortunately not, so make sure you use up your spare allotted remote support time for that month and if unsure what time you have left, don’t hesitate to ask!

We will invoice you when you initially signup for Support Cover, will also includes a sign up fee. This is a non-contractual agreement and you may cancel at any time, but we do ask that you try to let us know two weeks in advance.

After that, we then invoice you quarterly on the first day of the month which you can pay via Credit Card, PayPal or Direct Deposit.

Prices are subject to change at any time