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At Next Century, we believe prevention is better than the cure

With our Home Premium and Business Support Cover, you get 24/7 maintenance on your device with Teamviewer Monitoring and Patch Management


Service Checks

During the service check, crucial system components like CPU, RAM and Disk Drive are tested before checking for vulnerabilities due to outdated software and operating systems, then install any Windows and third party applications updates required.





System Updates

Antivirus software is checked that it is working and up to date

Firewall is checked that it is enabled

Detect outdated vulnerable software

Check that MacOS or Windows is up to date with System Updates



Disk Health

Disk Space


Your CPU is checked for high usage which can cause your device not to respond or be slow

Your HDD or SSD is checked for faults

Your disk space is checked that there is more than 10% free

Your available RAM is checked that there is over the 100mb free

Avast CloudCare

If you have Avast CloudCare installed on your device, there are additional checks that are performed

Avast Antivirus

Avast Firewall

Avast Scan

Avast CloudCare Antivirus is checked to make sure it is working and up to date on your device

Avast CloudCare Firewall is checked to make sure it is active and working on your device

Avast CloudCare last scan report is checked that there are no malware or virus infections

If any of the above hardware or software checks fail, we are notified instantly and will create a support ticket to work on the issue with you

Reboot Messages

During the update process, you could be prompted to restart your device by either Avast CloudCare or Teamviewer Patch Management

If possible, we highly recommend to restart your device as soon as prompted, but understand this is not always possible

If you do not select any options, be aware that your device will restart after the advised time in the message


Service Report

You will be updated by the service support ticket with the results of the hardware and software checks performed on your computer

System Updates
CPU Usage
Disk Health
Disk Space
RAM Usage

Software & Security Updates

You will receive a list of Software and System updates that have been installed


The name of the Software Patch or System Update

Bulletin ID

Identifies the Patch or System Update and can provide more information

Deployment Status

Whether the Software Patch or System Update has been installed successfully

If there are any problems, they will be highlighted in bold in the service report that you receive.


Remote Checks

Occasionally, your computer may require a manual full service and the following checks will be performed remotely


Backup (Cloud)

Backup (Onsite)

Backup (iTunes)

Check your Cloud backup Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive is working

Check your onsite external hard drive backup is working

If you have an iPhone or iPad, check your iTunes backup is recent



Check & Performed a Trim on SSD





Run a quick scan with your Antivirus package

Check for Malware with ADWCleaner

Check for compromised or weak passwords in Chrome


Software Updates

Check for software updates


System File Check

System Restore

System Updates

Check Windows System Files for corruption

Check System Restore is working & create a restore point

Check and install any system updates

If there are any problems, we will bring them to your attention by marking them in bold in the service report we send you

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Have a Question? Check These Answers

Yes, the service checks are only included with Home Basic, Home Premium, Small, Medium and Large Business Support Cover

24/7 Maintenance with Teamviewer Monitoring and Patch Management is included only with Home Premium and Small, Medium & Large Business Support Cover

They can take as little as 15 minutes or a few hours with a lot depending on how many updates need installing, plus the speed of your computer and internet

On average, Step 1 & 2 of the service take around 15 minutes per device. If Step 3 is required, this can take between 15 to 30 minutes.

All work done on computers included service checks is tracked and added up at the end of the month, if the total time used has gone more than 15 mins over your included support time, then you would be invoiced for the additional time.

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