Protect Important folders with Microsoft OneDrive

Protect Important folders with Microsoft OneDrive

Losing valuable files is never fun, so it is a wise idea to protect your important data against permanent loss. A little foresight never hurts, you know.

That is why we recommend you to learn how to use Microsoft OneDrive Folder Protection which could spare you lots of frustration by losing important files.

What is OneDrive Folder Protection?

Microsoft OneDrive is capable of keeping your Desktop, Documents, and Pictures folders safe and sound now which means you can avoid losing the contents for good since they are synced by OneDrive. So, if you have an hardware failure or your computer is no longer accesible, you can always recover your files or access them from another device via your OneDrive account. In addition, OneDrive Folder Protection offers an easy way to migrate files from one device to another.

To wrap things up, OneDrive has become a handy syncing and storage option, for instance, you can enable its protection on multiple computers and keep their Documents folders synced for greater convenience. The only trouble is, you can use the feature in view only for the Desktop, Documents, and Pictures folders – and nothing else. Unfortunately, other built-in directories are not eligible for this kind of protection – we do not know why, but that is how Microsoft sees things.

Here is a guide on How to protect & sync Documents, Pictures & Desktop folders with OneDrive

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