A New Logo for Avast

A New Logo for Avast

With the latest update of Avast version 21, you will now see a change in the logo from what we call the orange blog to an orange circle with four lines that form an arch of the letter A. As you can see from the image above, on the left is their old logo and on the right is the new logo. With the update to Avast, there are some minor updates to the software:

  • Improved exceptions — It’s now possible to add exceptions solely for Behavior Shield
  • Fixed a tray icon bug — Our system tray icon now shows the proper status of shields after a PC restart
  • Password Protection update – we’re now protecting newly created backup files of passwords stored in the browser
  • Firewall tweaks – We’re now blocking switching to public profile when RDP is used

If you have not been updated to the latest Avast version, get in contact with your AVAST Reseller or AVAST Support Agent to get an update file.

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