ANZ Phishing Scam Email

ANZ Phishing Scam Email

If you are an ANZ Bank customer, be on the look out for an scam email from ANZ which is a phishing scam.

The email sender’s name is ‘ANZ Online’ but is sent from a compromised account. Here’s what the header looks like:

ANZ Phishing Email Header

The content of the email says ‘You Have One Important Security Message In Your Internet Banking Account’ and requests you to ‘Log on’ to view the message by clicking on a link.

Then, you are directed to an ANZ webpage that appears to be legitimate and requests you to log in to your ANZ account.

ANZ Phishing Email Website Login Page

Once you have been tricked in entering your details, you are then directed to another phishing webpage requesting security questions which gives the scammers even more personal details about you.

ANZ Phishing Email Secret Questions

Now, if you look closer, there are some clues that this is a scam:

  • The email doesn’t use your name, just ‘Dear ANZ Customer’
  • The email doesn’t use any of your information
  • There’s a stray accent in ‘AccountÂ’
  • Different font sizes and strange grammar
  • On the questions and answer page, there are grammatical problems such as ‘‘update questions & Answer’ and ‘Verify to us your security questions’

If you receive this email, you should delete it.

ANZ suggests customers always pause before sharing personal information, use two-factor authentication, double check suspicious messages and turn on automatic updates.

You can report suspicious messages by emailing, and remember to never click any links in suspicious messages.

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