Having issues with your Android or Apple smartphone or tablet that you need assistance with, we can help.


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Here are just some of the ways we can assist you with your smartphone or tablet:

  • Assist with initial setup
  • Configure for easier usage
  • Relocating to a new smartphone or tablet
  • Smartphone or Tablet Backups
  • Tutoring

Alot of clients at sometime have experienced remote assistance with their desktop computers but now, with the latest version of Teamviewer, it is possible to get remote assistance on your Smartphone or Tablet as well.

This makes it so much easier for us to help you with any issues you are having.

There is also a version for Apple iPad and iPhone’s in the works but we find it a little unreliable at the moment.

One of the most common problems we tend to run in to with Smartphone’s or Tablets is loss of information, especially photos.

You would not believe how easy this is to prevent on either Apple or Android devices.

We would love to help you prevent losing your precious information, talk to us now.

It’s hard to believe how far Smartphones have come in the last ten years but now, with the latest devices you have a computer in your hands that is capable of more than you can image.

We run in to so many clients that when their computer goes down, they have no access to any information that was stored on it.  This does not have to be the case with so many online Cloud solutions available.

You can easily sync all important files from your computer to a Cloud solution and access at anytime on any device.

Talk to us now for further information.

Need Help with your device?

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Need Remote Assistance?

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Got a problem with your Smartphone or Tablet you need help with?