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According to a recent study by PwC, cybercrime is now Australia’s number one economic crime. In 2016 alone, ransomware attacks increased by 300% globally.

  • 91% of all cybercrime is initiated by ‘zero-day’ email attacks
  • 97% of people can’t identify a criminal-intent email
  • 25% of people click on email messages containing malicious content

Why we are offering MailGuard’s email and web security solutions to our customers

Next Century is pleased to partner with global cybersecurity innovator MailGuard. MailGuard’s proprietary AI threat-detection engines predict and stop fast-breaking email threats in real-time. Seamlessly stackable with Office 365 and other email platforms, MailGuard provides an added layer of specialised email security to reduce the impact of cybercrime on your business.

  • Reactive by nature, traditional antivirus security solutions rely on the deployment of antivirus signatures, leaving a window of vulnerability from hours to days before fast-breaking email threats are stopped.
  • With advanced AI (artificially intelligent) threat-detection engines, MailGuard is uniquely positioned to block emerging threats before they reach your network perimeter.
  • MailGuard applies immediate protection to thousands of businesses worldwide, stopping fast-breaking email threats between 2-48 hours ahead of the rest of the market. This difference is critical in today’s environment of large-scale cyber breaches, where every minute of exposure is a palpable risk to business operations and credibility.

MailGuard has agreements with some of the world’s largest email hosting providers, and works collaboratively alongside industry leaders including Microsoft, KPMG, Deakin University and Xero.

MailGuard is a member of the Centre for Cyber Security Research (CCSR) and is CSA STAR accredited. Most recently MailGuard was recognized by ANZIA, at the Australia & New Zealand Internet Awards, as the winner of the 2016 Security Award.


When one malware-laden link can cripple a business, every minute matters. For just a few dollars per user each month, you can be up and running in minutes. Contact us today to find out more, or to sign up for a complimentary trial of MailGuard.

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