Next Century IT Specialists offer high quality support services for your desktop computer, laptop or All-in-One computer.

With our remote software we can just about solve any issue you are having instantly and more efficiently then you waiting hours for a technician to turn up.


Data Recovery
Check & Tune-Up Computer
Software Glitches
Internet & Network Problems
Malware or Virus Removal
Security Software Specialists
Software Upgrades


If you are having a problem with your computer or laptop and need assistance, we are here ready to assist remotely.

During business hours (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) all you need to do to get assistance is use the live chat which is bottom left of the screen and talk to one of our IT Specialists who will assist you.

Out of hours and need assistance, please Leave a Message instead and if available, an IT Specialist will get in contact with you but do beware of out of hours charges which is on our rates page.

If you are having a problem with your computer or laptop and need assistance but would like to book a certain time, you can use our calendar booking system on the Make an Appointment page.

The calendar will show you what time slots are available during the week where you can easily make an appointment to suit you.

Once you make the appointment, please wait for a confirmation via email once we confirm the appointment.

Need Help with your computer or laptop?

Having a problem with desktop or laptop?  Why not take a look through the support section, there could be an article to help you fix your issue.

Remote Assistance?

Visit our Remote Support Page to find the right remote software for your desktop or laptop

Got a problem with your desktop or laptop you need help with?