As IT Specialist the most common issue we encounter with both home and more importantly business clients is loss of information due to not having a backup or having an inadequate backup solution.

Information tends to be lost with accidental deletion, hardware failure or more commonly, Ransomware infections.  It is not till after something like this happens that they wish they had a backup solution.


Acronis True Image

We highly recommend for most home or small business’s Acronis True Image backup software as it is great value, easy to use and packed with features including Ransomware protection.

USB or NAS Backup Solutions

We can advise or supply a USB or NAS (Network Attached Storage) solution that is right for you depending on your backup requirements


Avast Online Backup

If you are looking for an online backup solution that you can schedule the backup and also locks your files away online, safe from Ransomware. Then Avast Backup is a great solution that is reasonably priced.

Cloud Storage Solutions

Rather than just storing your files on your computer’s hard drive, you can store them on a service like DropboxGoogle DriveMicrosoft OneDrive, or a similar cloud storage service.

The value of data stored on a computer, often far exceeds the value of the computer! Hardware can be quickly and easily replaced, but data cannot! Users often insure there computer hardware against theft and loss, but fail to backup their data, which is far more precious!

Most Common Causes of Data Loss

How Can We Help

Next Century IT Specialists Can Help You:

  • Review your current backup process to make sure all important data is safe
  • Supply and configure award winning Acronis True Image Backup Software
  • Find the best Onsite or Cloud Online Backup Solution for your home or business
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3-2-1 Backup Rule

The Three Steps To Planning Your Backup Strategy

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