Avast AntiVirus is the fully featured protection that’s always automatically kept up-to date.


Avast CloudCare Features


With inbound and outbound port and application protection their business is always protected. Identity protection works with the firewall to ensure that the right applications and processes are operating correctly and are also using the right ports for communication.

AVAST Smart Scanning
Only performs scans while your customers are not using their devices and runs in low-priority mode while they’re working.
AVAST Social Networking Protection Automatically checks the links that are exchanged in applications like Facebook® and Skype® in real time to
protect your customers’ businesses.

Identity protection
Shields passwords and credit card numbers and identifies all potentially dangerous software, enabling secure transactions with their clients and suppliers.

Designed to keep your customers’ businesses protected from the threats that can hide on any website.

Online shield
Provides direct Web protection for whichever Internet browser your customer decides to use. With direct URL scanning from site to site you can ensure that AVAST
CloudCareTM will protect them while searching, shopping and banking online.

Phishing and other threats rely on email as the primary attack method. Anti-spam keeps all the spam and suspicious emails out of your inbox.

Real Site
Malware can redirect you away from your intended destination, such as your bank’s website, to a fake site that looks just like the real thing. Real Site stops malware in its tracks by encrypting the traffic between an Avast-protected device and our DNS server.

Wi-Fi Inspector
This new feature scans networks for vulnerable devices and compromising services then allows your customers to address any security issues reported by providing step-by-step remediation instructions.

Smart Scan
SmartScan combines scans for viruses, software updates, network problems, new features and performance issues into a single click.

Rescue Disk
Helps you to create a bootable version of your Avast installation. This way, if your customers PC becomes so infected that it can’t even run properly, you can clean reboot and restore functionality.

When you’re not sure about a given file or application, run it safely in a virtual space isolated from the rest of your PC.

Now there’s no risk of stolen data or corrupted software. Easily run individual files with just a click, and continue to run them for as long as you see fit.

Any changes made by the executable are not saved once the Sandbox is closed.

Data Shredder
Even deleting a file doesn’t remove it for good. Data Shredder encrypts deleted data so even if it’s recovered, no one can extract anything from your files.

Password Manager
Password Manager makes passwords easier to manage and keep users safe.

All passwords are stored securely and shared across devices locked behind a master password. The accompanying browser add-on can auto-fill web forms when using protected accounts.

NOTE:  This is an electronic download and the installation file will be emailed to the email address you supply

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