New Features in Windows 10 1809 Feature Update

Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 Feature Update 1809 is now available and all you have to do is either manually run Windows Update or wait until Microsoft starts pushing it out more broadly to computers in the coming week or so. Either way, the update includes a number of new features that improve Windows 10.

One new important feature to Windows 10 Updates is Microsoft are going to use machine learning to stop future updates from installing when you are using your computer.  This feature alone makes it worth your while getting this latest Windows 10 update today, but here are some other  new features in Windows 10 to look out for:


The new Microsoft Your Phone app primarily works with Android devices right now in the October 2019 Update and will let you sync photos and text messages.  You are able to quickly pull a photo from your phone and immediately copy and paste it into a document you are working on.

One of the biggest features of Your Phone, however, is the ability to send SMS messages from your computer, using your phone. This is limited to Android devices right now, but you will be able to send and receive messages in the app and they are sent from your phone. Microsoft says it is working to try and make the Your Phone features available on iPhones too, but Apple has restricted access to SMS data in iOS so it will require a big change to get this Your Phone feature working with the iPhone.

For more information about the Microsoft Your Phone app, visit the Your Phone app help page


You can access a full history of your clipboard by using the Windows + V keyboard shortcut, and this will sync clipboard data across all your Windows 10 devices. It is useful if you have a Windows 10 PC at home or work and a laptop for on the go, and you want to pick up where you left off.

Microsoft is also working to bring cloud clipboard support to SwiftKey in the future, and this will allow you to copy or paste data between a mobile devices and Windows 10.

To enable Cloud Clipboard in Windows 10 go to Settings > System > Clipboard > Turn on Clipboard history toggle


Windows 10 has had a dark mode feature for some time, but it is now extending to the File Explorer with the October 2018 Update. Its quite a change from the usual white in the File Explorer that we are all used to, but it now suits the rest of the dark theme of Windows 10.

To enable File Explorer dark theme in Windows 10 go to Settings > Personalization > Colors > Under More options “Choose your default app mode” select Dark


Windows 10 search is changing significantly next year, but for now the October 2018 Update introduces new search previews in the Start menu.

Search results will automatically appear in a new preview pane when you start searching. It’s particularly useful for documents, as the contents is now displayed as a preview in the search results.

If you search for an app then the preview contents will change into a list of files you’ve used recently with that app, much like the jump lists that appear as context menus in the taskbar.


Microsoft is also improving the way you can take screenshots in Windows 10 with the October 2018 Update. Screen Sketch, previously bundled in Windows Ink, is now a separate app that can take screenshots and provide options to annotate them.

A new winkey + shift + S keyboard shortcut will now bring up an area select tool to snip a screenshot and copy it to the clipboard.


Microsoft always adds new features to its Edge browser with every Windows 10 update, and the October 2018 Update is no different. You can now stop videos from auto-playing sound, and better manage the websites you allow to auto-play in the first place.

Edge is also getting some Fluent Design improvements with prettier tabs and new effects.


If you are thinking about purchasing a new HDR monitor for gaming or movies then this Windows 10 October 2018 Update is for you.

Microsoft is making it far easier to setup HDR in Windows 10 and ensure it’s enabled for apps and games that support it. HDR support in Windows 10 has been a bit clunky previously, so these new settings make it far better to control.

To find out more about HDR Support, visit this Microsoft Windows 10 HDR Advanced Color Settings web page


Task Manager has been gradually improving with Windows 10, and now Microsoft will let you see what apps are draining your battery.

A new column in task manager categorises apps into their power usage, so you can close apps that are drawing a lot of battery life when you are mobile.

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