Netflix email scam targeting users

Customers of streaming service Netflix are being urged to exercise caution when checking and responding to emails from the company, as a scam email that looks almost identical to a legitimate customer service message circulates.

The email pretends to come from Netflix – with the spelling “NETFLlX” using a lower-case L instead of an I, and the subject line “We’ve temporarily suspended your account until you verify your details.”

Here is an example of what it looks like:

In the body of the email, the customer is informed their account has been “suspeneded [sic]” due to “issues in the automatic verification process” and warned that if they don’t update their details their account will be deleted.

After the customer clicks on the “update your details” button, they are redirected to a site that looks just like a real Netflix login page, where they can “log in” and then enter their full credit card details.

The scam was picked up by mail security service MailGuard, which detects abnormalities in email messages and blocks fraudulent emails from reaching clients’ inboxes.

People could easily go through the entire process without realising they have been swindled, said MailGuard CEO Craig McDonald, who described the scam as “very well executed with high quality graphical elements in the email message and phishing page.

“It’s easy to imagine that it could potentially trick a lot of unsuspecting people.”

While the scam is well executed, Mr McDonald said it is not necessarily unusual – and it’s not the first scam to target Netflix users in the past month.

A similar scam targeting Netflix customers with the claim their account had been “suspended” due to issues with their billing information was detected by MailGuard’s email filters in December.

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