Microsoft Office 365 Notification “Your data, controlled by you” keeps popping up

If you have Microsoft Office 365 installed on your computer, then with the last update in May you are most likely getting a notification on your screen with the heading “Your data, controlled by you”.

This is a legit notification from Microsoft Office and the full notification will look like this:

This is part of Microsoft’s Office new privacy controls and you can find out more information here if you require further information.

Microsoft Office brings you new privacy controls

Basically, you will need to accept the policy and to do this, on the first popup screen, click on Next

Then you will get the next screen which the heading “Performing as expected” which looks like this:

You can choose either Yes or No, depending on whether you want to send diagnostic information to Microsoft.  Then click on Accept.

The last pop up screen has the heading “Powering your experiences” which you just need to click Done.

Also, I have noticed that if you are not signed in to your Microsoft Office account then this message can continuously keep appearing even though you have accepted the policy update.  If you are affected by this, sign in to office via File > Account > Sign In

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