Disk Cleanup in the latest Windows 10 1809 update now cleans Download folder

Do be aware that with the latest Windows 10 1809 update that when you run Disk Cleanup, it now comes includes the Downloads folder by default on the list of files to delete.

So if you open and run the Disk Cleanup tool often to delete temporary files for saving space, you should deselect the ‘Downloads’ folder in the list.  Otherwise, you will lose all the files you have in the download folder on your computer and this can not be undone.

Disk Cleanup Storage Sense

Alternatively, the Downloads folder is not pre-checked in Disk Cleanup Storage Sense user interface, you need to manually select it and you can see the same change in Storage Sense also. Which is good news, after all, Disk Cleanup is going to be deprecated soon and Storage Sense will be built-in Disk Cleanup alternative left to Windows 10 users when that happens.

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