CCleaner v5.46 Released and Concerns with Privacy Fixed

A new version of CCleaner 5.46 has been released which we would highly advise that you upgrade to.

CCleaner 5.45 was released in August, along with a couple of security concerns, including the opt-out for the app’s anonymous data collection being non-obvious, and a penchant for staying active and starting at boot when you didn’t want it to.

All of these issues have been addressed in 5.46, which came out on August 30. Here are the relevant points:

  • The Monitoring feature and reporting of anonymous usage data can now be controlled separately (previously both were controlled by the ‘Active Monitoring’ checkbox)
  • Added a separate control for the reporting of anonymous usage data
  • Added a link to a Data Factsheet, which explains the data reported from CCleaner, why it’s reported, and what it’s used for
  • If Smart Cleaning is disabled, CCleaner’s background process will close and the feature will not run on startup (same behavior as in v5.44)

There are a couple of options with download which we do recommend the slim version which does not have the toolbar included:

CCleaner Slim 5.46.6652

CCleaner Standard 5.46.6652

For help with installing, please refer to this article: Guide to Installing CCleaner



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