AGL Energy Bill Ransomware Email Scam

Be on the lookout especially if you are an AGL Energy customers for a fake AGL Energy bill email that contains malicious software that infects your computer with Ransomware and can even steal your usernames and passwords.

Below is an example of what the email can look like:

The scam asks users to click on a link which then downloads a damaging virus and tries to steal user names and passwords to spread it further.

Instead of downloading an invoice you are downloading a virus that logs everything you type on your computer keyboard and encrypts files.

Criminals behind such ransomware attacks typically requested payment, usually about $200, to unfreeze files.

While most companies would usually restore lost files from a backup, many home computer users do not have such backups in place and lose their files.

AGL said the malicious malware e-Account had the potential to access personal information.

“AGL advises it will never send an email asking for personal banking or financial details. Anyone receiving a suspicious email should delete it immediately or, if opened, not click on any links within the email,” it said.

Recipients of suspicious emails should run antivirus software and block the sender by adding it to the junk folder list, it advised.

AGL has reported the scam email to Scamwatch, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, and the Australian Federal Police.

If you have been caught out with this you will normally be looking at a screen like the one below with CryptoLocker requesting payment.

What to do if you’re infected:

  • Check if your computer has any back-ups
  • Consult with an IT professional and seek advice on what can be recovered
  • Restore your computer from back-ups or wipe it back to factory settings if you have no information that is needed.