Acronis True Image 2019 Released

Acronis True Image is, in my opinion, one of the best PC backup tools available and have been using it for years as well as it been the software to back up clients’ computers.

In short, here is what’s new in Acronis 2019

  • Acronis Survival Kit
  • Acronis Active Protection
  • Improved cloud backups
  • Automatic backup when your USB support is plugged in
  • Cleaning backup images
  • Improvement of the restoration media

Acronis Survival Kit

This new all-in-one tool simplifies system recovery after a failure. It will allow you to gather all the necessary tools to restore your system from a simple USB drive: Boot Media, System Partitions and all your backups.

In the past, you might have used Acronis boot support to boot to Acronis and perform your restores, so now you can directly integrate the boot partition with your backup drive.

How to use Acronis Survival Kit?

It’s quite simple finally, when you save your computer, if you select a USB drive as a destination, then Acronis will offer you the creation of Survival Kit.

Note that this feature is only available when you back up a system partition or your entire computer . This will not be the case if you save only a few files. The idea is really to allow you to restore your computer quickly and easily without additional tools.

Acronis Active Protection

This solution was already active on Acronis 2017, I had also tested it on several ransomwaresuccessfully . Now this solution also protects your network shares and NAS servers .

Prevent ransomware from encrypting your files before they do . Acronis Active Protection uses artificial intelligence, heuristic analysis, and machine learning to detect, stop, and reverse the effects of ransomware.

Enhanced cloud backup

According to Acronis, new technology has been implemented to further improve the speed and performance of cloud backups. Faster, more secure cloud backups ensure the security and privacy of your data in offsite storage.

Automatic backup when your USB support is plugged in

When scheduling backups, you can now select the option “An external device is attached “. This will allow you to start the backup as soon as your USB device is connected to your computer.

Backup cleanup

Improve the management of your backups and disk space with the new cleanup utility. It will allow you to free disk space by manually deleting unnecessary versions of your backups.

Improvement of the restoration media

The ability to detect network adapters and configure network settings has been added to Winpe support. Users will be able to save or restore not only via an Ethernet connection, but also via the wifi!


The price of this version does not change from the previous version and is available in several forms. Perpetual or via a subscription and therefore its storage in the cloud. An update option should also be possible if you had the 2018 version of Acronis.

You can download a trial of Acronis True Image 2019 from here: Acronis True Image 2019 Trial

Or if you would like to purchase Acronis, you can buy it here: Acronis True Image 2019

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